Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A little video

What a cute daddy. And baby.

She's here!

We named her Leah Jane Terry. It's a name that we hadn't really considered seriously at all, but it turns out that's what we felt best about. We even had a couple of polls going on facebook- but didn't end up using the results. Partly because we couldn't access facebook at the hospital! Ross really wanted Zelda. :) But I'm glad we decided on Leah.

The labor and delivery went so well! After 14 hours of labor and two hours of pushing for Ethan, this was seriously a piece of cake. I was already dilated to a 3 and halfway effaced when I got there, was put on pitocin at 7:30 am, was dilated to a 5 by 12:30ish, dilated to a 10 by 1:30 and pushed for like 25 minutes and she was there! I was so happy afterward. It was so nice to be awake and alert and able to enjoy her right away. Recovery hasn't been bad, it's just hard with Ethan wanting to be carried and wanting to crawl all over me that has been tough.

Leah is so sweet. I loved having time with her by herself in the hospital. She's an angel of course, since all she does right now is eat and sleep. We'll see what her personality and schedule are like when she's out of the sleepiness stage. It's a blessing that they do sleep so much the first couple weeks, because this is the only way I'm surviving right now. It also helps that I'm staying with my family in Manhattan.

She was 19.5" and 7lbs 110z, and that is why Ross calls her little slurpee. (7/11, get it?) Here are a couple of pictures, I need to get home and sort through everything and there will be more.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Well the countdown has begun! My due date is 10 days away, but I will most likely induce on the 18th, which is only 1 week away! We are inducing because Ethan was such a huge boy, and because Ross doesn't have any school and can get out of work on Fridays. Is that a cop-out? Well maybe.

Ross has been working full-time and going to school full-time, so he's gone a LOT. I've been taking advantage and getting some crafting done. I still haven't finished everything, but I thought I'd just take pictures of what I've gotten done.

Two flannel receiving blankets. My little machine had a
cute decorative stitch that I used. It took forever.

Three little onesies. Still need to stitch two of them.

A little dress. It still needs a ruffle on the front, but see
how it won't fit her for another year or so? Yeah, I'll finish it later.
My mom helped a lot with this one.

Decorated some burp cloths. If she's anything like
Ethan she'll use double this in a day!

Thanks to Annah for giving me her extra burp cloths!

Still need to make a blanket with this fabric.

And some pictures of Ethan (of course):

He loves tractors. He will always find them on every page.

And he loves to make this goofy face.