Friday, August 22, 2008

A Grand Evening Out

Thank you for your advice about Ethan's sleep habits! Um.. luckily for him (and for me) he kind of just got over it. It's like he knew what my plans were. He got a pretty bad cold over the weekend, and when he recovered he was a whole different baby! So I have yet to be tested on my "firm" mother skills. But I am prepared if he slips back into his old ways.

So we went to the park the other night. It was so BEAUTIFUL. The golden hour, as the sun is starting to set. When you can't take a bad picture. At least as far as lighting, color, and contrast go.

This is a typical Ethan expression to
anything outdoors. Sort of dazed and relaxed.

We tried to get Ethan to pretend to hold the kite.

It sort of worked.

But really he just liked the grass.

And then we took him to go swing.

It wasn't so much the swinging itself
that he liked, it was the undivided and
seemingly hilarious antics from his daddy.

Oh, and here's a random cute picture of Ethan.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Okay all you moms out there. I need your help!

Ethan has been pretty good at sleeping in the past. 7 hours in a row, not really any stirrings in between. But now, for the last month or so, he has had some trouble. He wakes up at least once, most of the time twice, and won't calm back down without nursing. In between his feedings, he starts to fuss and we have to run and put his pacifier back in his mouth so he'll go back to sleep.

Now, Ethan is a great eater during the day. He eats at least 35 oz, or 8 times a day. We are feeding him some rice cereal once or twice a day also. I don't think he needs to eat during the night. He's a solid little guy. I think it's just habit.

So we tried letting him cry a little bit last night. After putting his pacifier in, and patting him on the back and talking to him a little bit, I left the room. He got SO mad! I lasted 15 minutes (the longest 15 minutes of my life) of his crying and then I cracked. I caved. I fed him, held him, he was so upset I had to sing to him for a good 30 minutes.

The other thing is, he's really good at going to sleep by himself. I almost always put him in his crib for naps and/or bed when he's still pretty awake but calm, and he falls asleep on his own. So he knows how to fall asleep in his crib on his own.

So what do you guys do? Do you just steel yourself and let them cry it out? Do you go in and comfort every 15 minutes? And then what about the pacifier thing? We can't spend our nights running in there every hour to put his pacifier back in his mouth.

ARGH! Any suggestions, advice, experiences you might have would be most helpful. Thanks.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's our anniversary...

I won't make this a long mushy post about my sweet husband. But I do love my schmoopy woopy Rossy poo. :)

Top 5 about Ross:

1. He does a great job at taking care of me. I am a space cadet. He is not. As I'm heading out the door, "Lauren, do you have your keys? Wallet? Etc..?" He makes me lunch. He paints my toenails. He does the dishes.

2. He is adventurous. He's a great travel buddy. We love to experience new places together. Even if it's a new place in Manhattan.

3. He always gives me the bigger piece. The choice of where to eat. The better seat.

4. He is frugal. While this is sometimes a blessing in disguise, and exasperates me, I know we'll always have sufficient means.

5. He's a great dad. He loves Ethan, and does his share in taking care of him. Even when he has to get up early for work, church, or school afterwards.

It's been a great 3 years. Can't wait for what's to come!

Monday, August 4, 2008


We have been very lucky to be living with the Clarks this summer. Not only are they lots of fun, enjoy good food (Annah's a great cook), and like the same games we do, they also live right across the street from a pool! It's part of their complex, and therefore-- free! Sweet!

This summer has been fairly mild until a week or so ago. It's starting to get sticky. In fact, something like 110 degrees with the heat index. And now we appreciate the pool even more.

I know, this is kind of a scary face. He made it every time he splashed.