Friday, August 22, 2008

A Grand Evening Out

Thank you for your advice about Ethan's sleep habits! Um.. luckily for him (and for me) he kind of just got over it. It's like he knew what my plans were. He got a pretty bad cold over the weekend, and when he recovered he was a whole different baby! So I have yet to be tested on my "firm" mother skills. But I am prepared if he slips back into his old ways.

So we went to the park the other night. It was so BEAUTIFUL. The golden hour, as the sun is starting to set. When you can't take a bad picture. At least as far as lighting, color, and contrast go.

This is a typical Ethan expression to
anything outdoors. Sort of dazed and relaxed.

We tried to get Ethan to pretend to hold the kite.

It sort of worked.

But really he just liked the grass.

And then we took him to go swing.

It wasn't so much the swinging itself
that he liked, it was the undivided and
seemingly hilarious antics from his daddy.

Oh, and here's a random cute picture of Ethan.


Brandon Fox said...

I miss the crap out of you guys! Make sure to show Ethan my Picture!

Kelly D said...

Ethan is SO adorable! You guys need to get the rest of the Terry clan turned on to blogging!