Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Embrace the Camera

So I really love this idea that I found on this blog. Such a fun blog-- she's super cute and crafty, and a photographer, and her kids are really important to her and it shows.

Anyway, I have been thinking about this for a while now- my kids will have NO pictures with ME in them! Cause I'm the one who's usually behind the camera. But I think I will be trying this challenge out on a regular basis so as to fix this problem. The challenge is to take pictures of YOU with your kids. So that they will have them forever. And also I like looking at these pictures when I'm so frustrated and impatient with my kids, so I can remember that I still like them, and they're pretty cute sometimes.

This is the best I could do with Leah.
Maybe next time.

Thanks for the well wishes for my dad! We all appreciate it a lot. I'll try to update whenever there is new info to be shared.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's been going on lately?

So, I have waited to post about this until I knew how big a part of our lives it would be. My dad recently (and thankfully) went in for a routine check-up and found out that he has colon cancer. He had surgery a couple of weeks ago and they removed part of his colon, and they also determined that he will need chemotherapy for the next 6 months. Yuck.

While this is not the easiest for him or us, I feel really blessed to be a part of my family that deals with life's challenges one step at a time and with a sense of humor. Many emails of love and support have been sent, and at the same time emails full of good-natured jokes with my dad being the 'butt' of them. (Get it? Well, my dad will.) Oh, and he's also 'cracking' many of his own jokes too.

Anyway, this is not going to be fun; I feel really bad that my dad will feel crappy for the next few months, but overall we are feeling very positive and moving forward.

p.s. I have a TON of pictures just waiting to be posted, so I'll get on that soon.