Thursday, January 10, 2013

Yay, a BABY

Another highlight from last year, is that we found out WE'RE HAVING A BABY!  Which most people know by now.  But anyway, we are really excited.  I'm due in June.  I've been a lot more sick with this one than I was with the other two.  I still have it better than a lot of people I know, but it has not been fun or easy.  This last week or two has given me a lot of relief though, at least during the day, and I hope it will continue to improve.

Ross has pretty much carried the family the last few months.  Getting his own chores around the house done, coming home from work and taking over kid-duty right away, finishing my chores for me (laundry, mopping, etc.), making dinner, and putting kids to bed most nights.  He's been amazing.

Here's their reactions to finding out we were having a baby.  It's the tail end of the conversation.  And it's mostly likely interesting to just family members, but there ya go.  


Well... I'm still here.  My family is getting very impatient with me and this blog.  So here I am, updating!   The highlights of the last few months of the year include Halloween:  We found these really cheap princess costumes for $5 each, and Ross found the ninja costume for Ethan on his travels to San Francisco.  Honestly I felt really lame about them, but the kids were perfectly happy with them and didn't care that they were not very creative, or very well put together.  They just LOVE candy.