Thursday, July 15, 2010

For the Grandmas

Here is Ethan 'wancing' at a festival in downtown overland park. He is a pretty shy kid in any circumstance, but if there is music playing, hoo boy does he come out of his shell.

The couple standing next to me couldn't stop telling me how awesome his rhythm is. I don't think I see it, but they said they really knew what they were talking about. We might need to look into that in the future.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An exciting post about closets!

I say that this is exciting sarcastically, but it really did bring me a lot of happiness. I was kind of stuck in my organizing and putting things away, but after Ross built all of these it was very fun to clean up and finish unpacking!

This closet is in our office/craft/guest room. My crafting stuff now looks very organized. Although the stuff IN the bins isn't so neat and tidy.

Ross built the shelves on the left side of the closet.
We still need to do something about the games on top.
Those will get messy very quickly.

The kids room:

Note the cubby holes on each side

Ross' closet. The rod used to go straight across,
now he can fit dress shirts and pants on top of each other:

Good job Ross! You're amazing.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Good times

Man I've been feeling so lame about my picture taking skills! I can't seem to get up the motivation to take my camera out. And nothing seems to turn out the way I want either. Especially when we are seriously lacking in natural light. Uggh. I really should take pictures no matter what. If I'm a snob about only taking pictures when they are going to be awesome, then I won't be getting any! And something is always better than nothing. Especially with precious babies that are growing so quickly. Anyway, I'm talking about the good times here. Cause we have been having fun too, amid lots of crying and temper tantrums.

Making cookies on a Sunday morning:

Playing around our little pool: I love her lots.

Wrestling on the bed:

Tomorrow I will be blogging about our closets. So exciting!

Also, do any of you (who might read this blog) have children who prefer to sleep on the floor at night than to sleep in their beds? I have to put Ethan back in his bed at least 4 times before I go to bed, and even then when I go and get leah at 4:00am he's back on the floor. And he's completely asleep the whole time. He doesn't wake up when I move him. I don't know. What a weirdo!