Saturday, December 14, 2013

So... I guess I'm done?

Well.  I guess I want to make it official?  I've just started doing Project Life.  And I really like it.  It's fun to have something tangible to flip through and hold.  It's the right amount of creativity for me too, without being totally overwhelming.  So.... I think that means I'm pretty much done blogging.  At least for now.  We'll see how this thing goes.  

I didn't think I had used anything in these pages, but looking through them I see that I've used a couple of things from Citrus and Mint.  Rachel does awesome stuff!  I used her font for the yellow "LOVE" on Jovee's first week, and one of her papers for the background of the 'baby burrito' insert on the same page.  Just FYI. And also I'm using the Kraft Edition core kit.  I bought it on Amazon.

And here's some cute pictures of our sweet baby.