Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of School!

School has started for two cute boys!  

It took us a long time to decide about what to do (or do anything at all)
 with preschool for Ethan this year.  In the end, I am so happy with where we ended up; it's a peer modeling program with the school district-- only about 8 kids in the class.  His teacher is darling, and he really really loves going.  It's Monday-Thursday for 2 hours a week.  Leah can NOT WAIT for her turn to go to preschool. She asks me pretty much every day when she gets to go.  

And this guy (my brother Will, with a very low quality iphone picture on the left):

Started at BYU this week!  I never shared how he helped me out so much this summer.  I wanted to go out to my dear friend Katy's wedding in Utah, and didn't want to drive alone-- so he came along, just to keep me company!  He also did a lot of manual labor at the wedding set- up.  What a guy.

Good luck! Love you!    

In other news, I just got called to be in the YW presidency and I'm super excited!  The girls in our ward are awesome (so far :)) and I'm looking forward to working with them. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

A new bathroom!

So excited!  Our bathroom has needed a remodel since day 1.  But when the mold under the linoleum started that's when we knew we probably shouldn't wait any longer.  Ross tore out our bathroom back in May? April? can't remember. When they had a city-wide trash pick-up.  He just piled it all on the curb and they picked it up for free-- which was great except then we had a bathroom that was an empty shell for a long time.  Ross worked on it every available weekend he had, and the in the last couple of weeks has spent every available minute he had getting it done.  

He ripped mostly everything down to the studs, re-wired the light fixtures, added a new light to the shower, tiled the entire shower and floor, BUILT the whole vanity from scratch, added a new storage cabinet in the wall above the sink, installed all the sink plumbing, re-seated the toilet... And did all the other odds and ends that make up a finished bathroom.  My small contribution was painting the walls. He is pretty dang awesome!  

I still need to pick out a shower curtain and do a few things here and there, but other than that we have a fully functional bathroom! Yay!



Saturday, August 4, 2012


One of the fun summer activities we've done this year is T-ball.  These kids were so hilarious to watch!  Most of them played in the dirt the whole time.   Or growled at each other from across the field, because their team name was T-REX!  As you can see by these pictures, Ethan was serious business.  Despite the crazy crazy heat, we all had a great time, and he did SO well!