Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pretty DANG cute

If I do say so myself.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm liking it!

Coldplay is yummy.

Everything's up to date in Kansas City

So we've been living in Kansas City for about 3 weeks now. Ross was accepted as an intern at one of the "big four" accounting firms, KPMG, this summer. They have offices all over the nation, but he's working at the one in downtown Kansas City. I'm so proud of him since he was chosen as 1 of 6 interns out of 100+ interviewees. So far he's really enjoyed it. I'm particularly jealous this week because he is blocks away from Disneyland out in California right now doing "training." They are renting out Knottsberry Farm for one evening this week. Training? Please.

Anyway, we're staying with some friends who knew my family in Manhattan. It's really the perfect situation for us. They've been great. So far we really like the ward and area we live in. And I'm not so lonely by myself all day!

Ethan is growing like a weed. He is currently into the following activities:

- Singing and cooing to all ceiling fans. He is extremely vocal.
- Giggling as he realizes he's grabbed onto something.
- Cuddling with his mom.
- Grabbing his toes.
- Spitting up over 10 times a day. (This is NO exaggeration!)
- Pushing himself up from his tummy.
- Being tickled on his feet and stomach.
- Holding his hands together, like he's being very thoughtful.
- Furiously chewing on his hands.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A traumatic yet joyous adventure

Okay... so have I got a story to tell. I've been deciding whether this is blog worthy, and yes, I think it might be. It's kind of long, I'll let you decide how far to read.

So I sat down to look at my friend Joy's blog a few morning's ago. I had been eagerly anticipating some pictures of her new house. So I started reading her post and the first line said something like, "I'm in Omaha watching my sister's kids." I was like, what??? Omaha??? That's only 2 1/2 hours away!! I hadn't seen Joy in a year and I knew there would be no upcoming opportunities any time soon. So I decided to head on up there with Ethan. I didn't even get a hold of Ross to tell him I was there until after he got home from work! Oh well. His wife had left him. He dealt with it just great though.

So the story. I almost made it all the way there without having to feed Ethan. But he started screaming when we were about 20 minutes away so I pulled over into a business complex parking lot and fed him. No big deal. But then... I went to start the car after getting Ethan all situated and low and behold! My car didn't start! It didn't even turnover. I thought it was probably the battery. But I don't know why it chose then to die. So I walked inside the business and asked if anyone knew about cars. They said they didn't, that they didn't have any jumper cables, and that I could use their phone book. Well I had no idea who to call, what the area was like, etc.. but everyone in that office was very involved in what they were doing. So I called my dad. He told me what to do (he knows everything!) and so I managed to get ahold of a towing company through my insurance agency. They said they would take an hour. So I sat outside looking lonely and desperate with my little baby. Luckily it was shady, and I didn't end up waiting that long. Because this nice man (good Samaritan #1) drove up and said, I got this feeling that you were in distress. Oh I just about melted with gratitude. I said, "Yeah, I'm kind of distressed." He jumped my car for me, while this other kind lady came out of the building and held Ethan while I helped. The car started. Yay! And I drove away happily. But my happiness didn't last long!

Because on the next leg of my journey, something else traumatic happened. I was trying to get to Joy's using our little GPS. So far I have been very grateful for that purchase. It's helped us a lot. However. It does not help if there are two of the same streets in one city! It spit me out in the completely wrong neighborhood. To make matters worse, I had no cell phone service, and Ethan had started crying again. I started crying at this point too. I drove around a little and looked for some nice person to take pity on me and give me directions. I stopped where I saw a nice looking old Grandpa (good Samaritan #2) watering his flowers. He helped me get directions to where I was supposed to be, held Ethan (and he actually calmed down!), and told me, "Alright hon, you'll be fine now!" And gave me a big smile and the A-OK sign as I drove off.

And then... Just kidding, that's it! I made it to Joy's! Holy cow it was such a crazy drive. I've never been so grateful or so sure that the Lord answer's prayers. There are good people everywhere! It was so fun to see Joy. And I made the drive back without any trouble whatsoever. I forgot to take my camera. So I have no pictures as evidence of this event. But was that crazy or what?