Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Everything's up to date in Kansas City

So we've been living in Kansas City for about 3 weeks now. Ross was accepted as an intern at one of the "big four" accounting firms, KPMG, this summer. They have offices all over the nation, but he's working at the one in downtown Kansas City. I'm so proud of him since he was chosen as 1 of 6 interns out of 100+ interviewees. So far he's really enjoyed it. I'm particularly jealous this week because he is blocks away from Disneyland out in California right now doing "training." They are renting out Knottsberry Farm for one evening this week. Training? Please.

Anyway, we're staying with some friends who knew my family in Manhattan. It's really the perfect situation for us. They've been great. So far we really like the ward and area we live in. And I'm not so lonely by myself all day!

Ethan is growing like a weed. He is currently into the following activities:

- Singing and cooing to all ceiling fans. He is extremely vocal.
- Giggling as he realizes he's grabbed onto something.
- Cuddling with his mom.
- Grabbing his toes.
- Spitting up over 10 times a day. (This is NO exaggeration!)
- Pushing himself up from his tummy.
- Being tickled on his feet and stomach.
- Holding his hands together, like he's being very thoughtful.
- Furiously chewing on his hands.


Amber said...

He is such a beautiful baby, I can't wait to see you guys again.

rik said...

so, would activity number 7 have anything to do with activity number 5? just checking... =]

he's still cute...i guess he holds his age well. ;)

glad to hear all is well out that way. and congrats to ross for the big internship!

Britany said...

Aw!! how cute! i'm glad you guys are doing well!!

Lonna said...

Wow he really is growing so fast. I love those little smiles. And the cooing is so darling.

I am glad that you mentioned the clasping his hands together, because I too think that is so cute. When they sleep and have their hands like that they look so peaceful.

I am glad that you are not alone while Ross is away. It is so nice that you have friends and family around.