Monday, March 21, 2011


So glad we have this done! I've been wanting to paint the kitchen since we first moved in, but it is a big project! We were so lucky to have Ross' parents here with us that weekend. Ross' dad helped with all of the sanding, priming, and painting, and Ross' mom was in charge of our kids. We couldn't have done it without them. My friend Mitzi also came over and helped with the painting. That was a huge help as well!

Here is the set up. They used a paint sprayer for all of the doors.
(This is after sanding them all down.)

The worst part: The CLUTTER. And little hands grabbing at everything within reach.
Which was pretty much everything.


And then, TA-DA!!

And a couple more pics for good measure:

I'm so happy with it! Everything is so much brighter, and it feels cleaner. What a huge difference. It took 2 full days of work, and then more to put everything back together, but was so worth it! I'm really lucky I have a husband who is up for all of my projects. I have a really long list going on in my head and even though I keep adding to it- he's very supportive. Speaking of projects, I still have to make curtains for the kitchen, as well as find something to hang up on the wall...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ross the super-daddy

So I've been eye-ing this retro play kitchen for a while now, but it's gone $50 up in price since last year and we just couldn't stomach the cost. Or ask the grandparents to pay for that. :) So instead we came up with what I think is a pretty great alternative. Ross found this old kitchen cabinet for $5 at Re-Store and he turned it into a cute little kitchen! I'm so pleased. The kids really like it too. We are still missing a few details: the stove knobs, maybe a back splash, a utensil holder, perhaps a chalkboard on the side. Ross is planning on building a fridge in the next couple of weeks as well.


The burners are 12o mm guards for computer fans.
I had to have Ross spell that out for me. Only a computer nerd would
come up with that. But they are SO perfect!

The faucet is from a friend who was
donating some old bathroom cabinets,
and Ross cut out a hole for the sink,
which is a stainless steel bowl bought at a thrift store.

I made the skirt under the sink using this tutorial.

Ross cut a rectangle into the oven door and
attached plexi-glass so the kids can
take a peek at what's cooking.

I think everything totaled to about 30 bucks. Not too shabby. I'll post more pictures of the final product when it's done. Until then, thanks Rosstopher! You're the best.

P.S. If you're interested in making your own play kitchen, google 'DIY play kitchen' for lots and lots of ideas.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ethan's happy birthday

I think Ethan had a really good birthday. It's fun now that he understands birthdays and is excited about presents and stuff. We started the morning of at 6:30, and headed out to Krispy Kreme's for donuts in our pajamas. I'm still kicking myself that I didn't bring the camera. We didn't get out of the car though, I'm not that brave.

I told Ethan to take a bite of his doughnut and look at me.
This is what I got. I think he was really enjoying it more than it looks.

They enjoyed an extra bubbly bubble bath.
Went to play at the JoCo Museum. (Not pictured.)

Met Daddy for lunch at McDonalds. A rarity for us.

Presents when Daddy got home.

And then cake and games at a friend's house. (Not pictured.)

And THEN, on Saturday we had a little car themed part-ay with his friends.
I got most of my ideas from this blog here.

She (that blog) had this great idea to melt down Crayon's,
and use a chocolate mold to make cars:

There were a few younger
children toddling around as well:

Some of the chaos:

We had a really fun week. I'm so glad this birthday boy is in my life!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hallelujah it's almost spring!

We have SOO been enjoying the few scattered days of warm sunshine. I love this time of year. We are so close! It's nice to have a hint of what's to come every once in a while. Last week we went to the park on one of those warm sunshiney days and I brought my camera along.

Fun to get a shot of her looking at me and smiling!

Cause usually she's more like this:

The dude didn't want to take off his 'sweet' shades:

I laugh out loud when I see this picture. What a nerd! :)