Monday, December 14, 2009

He's home!

Yay Sam's home! It was a long time coming- made even longer by a midwestern snowstorm. Sam was scheduled to get here December the 8th at 8:30pm. He was delayed a couple of hours and we were told he would be in at 10:45. So we woke up sleeping babies and braved the storm and the 20 minute drive to the airport. We waited there for a while only to be told that his flight was five minutes away from Manhattan, but had to return to Dallas. We found out later that night that instead of returning to Dallas, his flight had been diverted to Springfield, MO, and was scheduled to arrive at 8:00 the next morning. 8:00 turned into 9:00 (we arrived at the airport then), which turned into 10:00, which turned into 'you'll be updated at 11:00,' which turned into canceled. We left the airport and awaited more information. Sam called from a fellow passenger's cell phone (he had been chatting up the entire airplane and made a few friends) a few hours later and told us he had been flown to Wichita and would now be bussed up to Manhattan. He arrived at 5:00pm. Ross had driven down separately through the storm to see him, but then had to leave early the next day without getting to. Lame!

But we're so glad he's here! He was a fantastic missionary; a great representative of the gospel. We have loved hearing his stories and seeing what a good person he is. Luckily for us he is staying at K-State for one semester, and then will most likely go to BYU after that.

Here we are for the first time at the airport:

And here's the second time:

My dad took all of these photos with his point and shoot. Thanks dad!