Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rolling rolling rolling

So we are always on the lookout for new ways to play with Ethan's bucket o' cars. He LOVES them. But honestly I am SO sick of rolling them back and forth. We've tried a few different locations, including taking them outside on our front sidewalk and letting them roll down the slight hill. Too bad it's only 30 somethin' degrees outside now. I need to embrace this cute obsession with cars, right? It IS pretty cute.

I think in this picture he's saying,
"Mooooo-oooo-oooommmyy, play with me!"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Ross and I were eligible for free upgrades on our phone plans, so we got some fancy ones. I've really been enjoying the Polaroid camera.

Also the 3rd column over, 2nd row down is my favorite picture of Leah. She's so little in her knit hat and pea coat!

(FxCamera for Droid.) In case anyone wants to know. Also, you can click on to make it bigger, Mom. :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Photo tip of the day: Kids love to play peek-a-boo. So that is a sure way to get them looking at you and smiling at the same time. Put them in front of a big window, shoot them from the side, or between them and the window (not straight into the window) and take pictures while you play.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Leah's Birthday (back in September)

So in my head I had a vision of a golden September evening as the backdrop of my outdoor party for little Leah's first birthday. Instead it was muggy, dark, and stormy, so we moved it indoors. Apart from that, it went really well!

So Leah is SO different from Ethan. Some of the things that drive me crazy: She is into EVERYTHING. She climbs on all chairs, tables, desks. She is sneaky. She is a really picky eater. She doesn't sleep very well.

Some of the things I love: She is very very cuddly. She loves to be snuggled, and in the morning at 5:30 when she decides she doesn't want to sleep in her crib anymore, I love cuddling her in our bed until 7:30 when Ethan wakes up. She loves to laugh at her brother. She loves to 'read' books. She loves to dance. She cannot tolerate it if I'm dancing with Ethan and she's not in my arms.

She is very little. She's in the 5th percentile. Probably because she doesn't EAT anything! So people are amazed when she can walk as well as she does because they think she's like 9 months or something.

I need a nice flash. Sigh..

Monday, November 1, 2010

That time again

Last time we were all in Manhattan we made the effort to get our 'Annual Hilltop Excursion' checked off my list. This year my dad was able to join us and do the clicking, instead of lugging our tripod and using our ridiculously long cable. He still allowed me to direct the whole thing. It's always super windy and bright when we go and I have to remind myself it's more about the tradition and our relationships than it is about how 'finished' we (I) look. This makes 4! trips up the little hill. (Except this year we didn't quite go all the way up.)

p.s. Last week I spoke in church about Family History, past and present. In my effort to keep up with my own family history I'm trying to be more consistent in posting pictures!