Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh- AND!

Duh! I totally forgot to say on this blog.... that.... we are having a GIRL!! I announced it on facebook, but I must do it here also.

I bought this dress before I even knew it was a girl. Cause it's super cute, and cause it was on sale.

I am SO excited to have a girl! I'm a teensy bit nervous too. To go through all the drama/self-esteem issues and all that that entails... I grew up with younger brothers. I don't know what to do with girls. Of course, I am a girl. I should be ok.

I'm excited to see Ethan be an older brother. Is it possible that my heart can hold more love than it does now?

ALSO- We are officially moving to Kansas City this summer! We're going house-hunting this weekend. Ross got a couple of scholarships to UMKC (University of Missouri Kansas City) and will do the year of graduate school before he can sit for the CPA exam. After that he may work for KPMG (one of the 'big four' accounting firms where he has interned), or he may work for someone else. We just feel like Kansas City is where we should be right now.

So lots of changes coming up! If anyone is in Manhattan and wants to move into the Prairies this summer let me know!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Playing with the lensbaby

The wonderful thing about having a professional photographer for a father is that you can play with his lenses any time you want! He has a lensbaby (a tilt-shift lens) and I thought I'd play with it for a while.

This one is pretty much all blurry but I
liked the movement and color in it.

Also it's nice to have a professional photographer for a dad cause he takes awesome pictures for free!

Here are a couple of pictures from Ethan's 1 yr session.

And soon I'll post pictures of our Texas trip. I'm gonna catch up-- really!