Thursday, May 7, 2009

Playing with the lensbaby

The wonderful thing about having a professional photographer for a father is that you can play with his lenses any time you want! He has a lensbaby (a tilt-shift lens) and I thought I'd play with it for a while.

This one is pretty much all blurry but I
liked the movement and color in it.

Also it's nice to have a professional photographer for a dad cause he takes awesome pictures for free!

Here are a couple of pictures from Ethan's 1 yr session.

And soon I'll post pictures of our Texas trip. I'm gonna catch up-- really!


Kate Hawkins said...

What a handsome little lad! And yes, I get jealous of you for having a father who photographs for living. :)

I was your father looking for someone to help him out this summer?

Shauna said...

He is one of the most handsome dudes ever! I'm excited for you to have another little addition!

Lonna said...

Speaking of your photographer father, we had the chance to meet up with him this past weekend. I wish that you could have been here with him, I would have loved to see your family as well.

You are very lucky that you can just pop to the studio and have wonderful photos taken, but you don't need a studio because you can do all of that great photography yourself, so I think that you are in a win win situation.

Brian and Alicia said...

Your dad always takes amazing photos; of course it helps having an adorable subject!