Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh- AND!

Duh! I totally forgot to say on this blog.... that.... we are having a GIRL!! I announced it on facebook, but I must do it here also.

I bought this dress before I even knew it was a girl. Cause it's super cute, and cause it was on sale.

I am SO excited to have a girl! I'm a teensy bit nervous too. To go through all the drama/self-esteem issues and all that that entails... I grew up with younger brothers. I don't know what to do with girls. Of course, I am a girl. I should be ok.

I'm excited to see Ethan be an older brother. Is it possible that my heart can hold more love than it does now?

ALSO- We are officially moving to Kansas City this summer! We're going house-hunting this weekend. Ross got a couple of scholarships to UMKC (University of Missouri Kansas City) and will do the year of graduate school before he can sit for the CPA exam. After that he may work for KPMG (one of the 'big four' accounting firms where he has interned), or he may work for someone else. We just feel like Kansas City is where we should be right now.

So lots of changes coming up! If anyone is in Manhattan and wants to move into the Prairies this summer let me know!


emilie s. d. p. said...

I'm so happy you're having a girl!
Congrats on UMKC and the move to KC too. It looks like Mitch may be going to KU for law school so we might be back in KS this fall too. We'll have to get together for a double date! I can't wait to meet your kiddos.

Lonna said...

Hooray for girls, and super cute dresses too. I like that little sale item that you picked up, I love buying Gwen dresses, she is now starting to ask to wear them all the time and it is so fun.

This may sound funny, but I am looking forward to seeing what she looks like. I know how cute of a boy Ethan is and I am excited to see what your baby girl looks like too.

House hunting is going to be fun, good luck and I hope that you find something that is just right for your little family.

Shanicherie said...

Lauren! Congrats on everything! How fun that you'll have one of each now!! And exciting for Ross to be getting closer to being a CPA! Good luck with that!

Amy said...


Brian and Alicia said...

Lauren that is so exciting! Congratulations. She is going to be so adorable, just like your little guy. I am really happy for you guys!!

Lance and Chelsea said...

congrats lauren! i'm really happy for you. i can't believe you will have 2 kids!

Shanicherie said...

Lauren, so about the comment you said not to wear it out in public? Would you recommend getting two then? I have no clue about this stuff and my mom says she's too old to know. Haha.

Britany said...

That's so exciting!! Congratulations! I can't even imagine how cute a little girl Terry is going to be. Yay!!!

Syl said...

He is so cute! I love to see the pictures of Ethan! congratulations on expecting a girl....yes, definetly your heart expansed to include all children and then their spouses and then your grandchildren and nieces & nephews and their children....sometimes it amazes me.