Thursday, October 22, 2009

So I really miss our big windows in the old apartment. Sigh. Such beautiful light at pretty much all times of the day. Our apartment here is on the bottom level, with other apartment buildings and big trees very near by. So our apartment is pretty much dark all day. It's kinda depressing! The two rooms that get the most light are the kitchen and our bedroom. So I decided to take some pictures of Leah. Some are from two weeks ago, some are from a couple of days ago.

She sticks her tongue out all the time:

I just like her face in this one:

See? The tongue again:

So let me just say that I am BARELY surviving. Well, It's more like a roller coaster. Some days I feel like we're all crying all day, some days I feel so much love and so grateful for my two little babies. My shower's are made possible by Sesame Street. And Ross is usually home for one meal a day. He does a lot of other tasks around the house too. I'm a lucky girl. Every day gets better as we are adjusting.

Speaking of Ross, he has been interviewing for jobs over the last month for when he graduates. So hopefully by the end of this month or next we will know where we will be for the next few years! Exciting!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In transition

I spent the first couple days home from the hospital at my parents in Manhattan. Here's a few pictures from then.

Still at the hospital. Reality had not yet hit:

Ethan spent his time diving into the giant cereal bags:

My dad took these two:

Love this picture. Classic jealous older sibling:

Popcorn Popping

I thought this was pretty much the cutest thing ever. He actually knows all of the actions to it, but he gets so excited he just can't wait for the 'popping' part!