Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In transition

I spent the first couple days home from the hospital at my parents in Manhattan. Here's a few pictures from then.

Still at the hospital. Reality had not yet hit:

Ethan spent his time diving into the giant cereal bags:

My dad took these two:

Love this picture. Classic jealous older sibling:


Joy said...

i cannot get over how much ethan is looking less and less like a baby! he is getting so grown up!

Lonna said...

Oh my goodness his little wide toothed smile is seriously the cutest thing EVER!! Look at how grown up he is getting.

You look so beautiful in that hospital photo, how did you do that? I felt like I was a train wreck the whole time I was in there. Alas some girls have all the luck.

Your little family is darling and I love seeing all the pictures that you take of everyone. I am glad that you are home and safe and sound.

Tannie said...

Congratulations! What beautiful kids.