Thursday, September 11, 2008

Flashback...uh.. Thursday

So, who does Ethan look like? Well let's see here.

I don't see much resemblance between these two:

(I know, with the exception of the lovely velour couches in the first photograph that make it clear it's from another decade, you'd think they were the same baby.)

And here's one of me. I'm a couple of months older in this than Ethan is in the following one.

So apart from Ethan's ears, which I think he got from me, I think we're looking at a little mini- Ross.

And although the shape of Ethan's eyebrows are the same as Ross', they turn bright red like his mom's used to when he starts to cry.


Brandon Fox said...

Hmm, I disagree. While Ethan is a very cute baby. Ross was an extremely ugly baby. I mean if my wife had a child that looked like ross did as a baby I would put a doggy collar on him and make him sleep in the back yard. I think Ethan is a very cute baby so I am not really understanding your conclusion here.

Katie Curtis said...

I love this post! How fun!

Kate Hawkins said...

I think you both were ADORABLE when you were babies, (pffttt to Brandon for being so mean to Ross) and that Ethan is extra adorable!

I can't wait to hold him this sunday. I LOVE your baby!

Katy Kathryn said...

Freaky how strong genetics are! What a nice confirmation that Ross really is Ethan's father... not that it was every being called into question...