Monday, September 22, 2008

A little project

Ross needed something to occupy his time in the two days he had off between his internship and school/work. This guy can't relax! But I'm glad because he made me these shelves for some of our food storage! It's in our stairwell to our basement, and it's completely custom made to fit the stuff we use most.




Thanks sweetie poo!


Shanicherie said...

That's great! Looks fabulous! And that is a lot of mac & cheese! Haha!

Lauren said...

Hey, they were on sale, give me a brake! :) I promise I cook. Really.

rik said...

since someone already bugged you about the mac & cheese, can i make fun of the generic pop tarts? =]

are you guys in the prairies? those stairs look familiar. the shelves look awesome. just don't ever call him sweetie poo again in public or i'll deny knowing you.

and possibly lose my lunch.



Tannie said...

Those are nice. It's great having handy men!

Ben and Nicole said...

Wow that's awesome! High five Ross. We don't have a wall going down to the basement which means Ben is in luck and I don't have another things to add to his honey do list. :)

Wish I was able to see you at church but I'm glad you are with Ross and not alone. I have so little energy these days Haven and I don't get out much during the week which results in not seeing anyone but on sunday it seems.

Lauren said...

@rik: Ross is my sweetie sweetie, poo poo poo.

So there. :)

Lonna said...

Nice work! I am in need of a great and handy place to put some food storage, maybe you should take a little trip out here.

I don't have a stairway, but I am sure that we can come up with something. Umm maybe the patio?

Katy Kathryn said...

Those are some pretty sweet awesome shelves. It must be so nice to have a handy man around... And good work on having food storage!