Thursday, September 25, 2008

My little boy

Is almost 7 months old! Yikes! We had his 6 mo. check-up yesterday. Which means he got a bunch of shots. I timed the pacifier plug exactly right, so he only cried for a few seconds after them. Poor little guy. :(

The stats:

Ht: 27 1/4 inches (69th percentile)
Wt: 19 lbs 3 1/4 oz (63rd percentile)
Head: 44 cm (50th percentile)

He is super fun! He's getting quite wiggly! He loves jumping anywhere, anytime. He loves diving for objects-- which means I have to hold on to him extra tight. He loves being sung to. He is a champion fall-asleeper. I put him in his crib wide awake and he just lays there looking around content, and eventually drifts off. He loves being outdoors. LOVES it. If he's upset, that's one thing I know will calm him right down.

The following picture was not posed. My nephew Matthew loves doing everything 'baby' does. I was told that as they were driving to our house, the last twenty minutes of the drive were full of Matthew's "Baby? baby? baby? baby?! baby??!!! baby!!!" When Ethan gets on Ross' lap, so does Matthew. When Ethan plays with a toy, so does Matthew. When Ethan gets changed, Matthew insists too. He's so cute. And he calls Ross 'oss' and he calls me 'boren.' By the way... my name is really hard for little kids to say. An 'L' and an 'R'? That's just a little too much. When my brother Will was little he had the L down, but not the R. So he called me Lowen. Hence the nickname. However, the 'Laur' part of my name is actually pronounced like the name Lars, not like Loren. Which seems to be a Western thing, because NO-ONE in Kansas gets it. They just think I can't say it right. :( So I stopped correcting everybody. In fact, let me illustrate.

In Utah:
Other person: Is your name pronounced Lawren or Loren?
Me: Law-ren.
Other person: Law-ren. Okay.

Anywhere East of Colorado:
Other person: What's your name?
Me: Lawren
Other person: What?
Me: LAWren
Other person: OH, Loren?
Me: (deflated)....yeah.

Good thing I don't mind THAT much. But anyway. Enough about that.

And here's Ethan in his K-State sweat-suit that used to be his daddy's. So cute! He's getting too chubby for it already.

P.S. I do not wish to make anyone feel bad for calling me Loren. I will happily respond to that. Especially if I really like you. :)


Shanicherie said...

Oh my gosh Lauren, that sweatsuit is KILLING me! He looks adorable! And remember how I always used to stick up for your name? I think it drove me crazier than you when people called you Loren instead of Lawren! Is that a glint of strawberry blonde hair that I see on him? Or am I looking at it weird?

Lauren said...

Yes! My dear Shannon you always stuck up for me! I appreciate that. Yeah, we definitely have a blondey here. And perhaps with a strawberry tint! We'll see when it starts looking like real hair and not peach fuzz.

Syl said...

He is SO cute! I love those chubby cheeks! and what a gorgeous smile!

rik said...

oh loren, those pictures are adorable. i love his little sweatsuit, too, especially if it's a hand-me-down from dad. =]

Lonna said...

I love the chubby cheeks. What a trooper for the shots. I hate doing the shots, mainly for the fact that you have to hold them down, what kind of a torture is that for the mom. Honestly I hate it.

I do feel your pain on so many levels with your name issue. I have nightmares of roll call throughout my entire history of school. Some of the things that people come up with were so far off the mark it was almost funny...almost.

Well just so you know I happen to really love the name Lauren. And we even had that on our baby name list for Gwen. I also still deal with the mispronounced name all the time. I too have just gotten used to it. Sad but true.

Beth said...

so, i've always called you loren. i'm a true kansan! so, whoops, sorry. also, i just found your blog, and now i read it.

Kate Hawkins said...

What? I ALWAYS say Lawren (Or do I? :) ). I didn't know people go "Loren". So I was REALLY surprised. Hahaha!

People have pronounced my name as:




So it was interesting!

Katy Kathryn said...

What a darling child you have! It was probably very nice that Peter nick named you Lar-Lar... it just gets the real name that much closer!