Wednesday, May 2, 2007



Let me preface anything I write here with telling you that I am an AWFUL story teller. I can never get the punch line in the right place. Most of my stories start out with the most exciting part and get less interesting the longer you read them. So you know, hopefully this will go okay.

I created this blog because I want to share my thoughts and feelings. Right now, I am feeling especially thankful for my husband. So I'll share that. Hmm.. where to start?

My husband is wonderful. He takes care of me. Last week was a very stressful week in school for me. I had a million things to get done, and I wasn't handling the stress very well. I was acting Cu-RAZY; I completely broke down into hysterical sobs (no, the situation probably didn't merit going into hysterics, but sometimes girls just need to be a bit melodramatic). Poor Ross didn't really know how to handle that. So, like any good husband who is unsure of how to handle the situation should, he took me into his arms and asked how he could help. Well, I had a LOT of little things I needed to get done. I told him all of them, and he took it upon himself to complete two of my homework assignments on his own. So yeah- my husband loves me so much that he does my homework for me.

Ross is really athletic. You wouldn't know it by looking at him, but his 145 pounds can sure pack some heat. :) He is a great ball player, frisbee thrower, and cross-country runner. I have a feeling that ever since Ross was little, he's been playing with balls, jumping off of things, and running around. I hadn't really understood how athletic he is until recently. Ross and I were on an intramural softball team just a little while ago. Our team was not very good (myself very included), and so a fair number of foul balls and bad throws occured throughout each game. On one such foul ball occasion, the ball went over a fence. This fence was probably about 5 ft high or so. Ross volunteered to go get the ball. We thought he would either go around the fence, or jump over it like a normal person- feet first. Much to our surprise, Ross ran up to the fence, grabbed on to the other side from the top, and flipped his legs over to the other side. It was basically a front-flip involving the fence. Well, everyone was pretty shocked. The bystanders all looked at me as if to say, " and you married that crazy person?" I smiled proudly. Wow. Yes, yes I did. How cool is he? And how cool am I for marrying him?

Mostly I just want to say that I don't do enough to deserve him. He is an amazing person, and I'm so grateful for him. To Ross-- MWA!

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