Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Okay, not quite yet-- still about a month to go. But isn't he a cute one?? I like to scroll back and forth between this and the last post- before and after the cut. Can you tell it's the same person?


Anonymous said...

He looks SO good! thanks for the picture! He looks ready to go get those little goldens!

rik said...

that's a fantastic shot of him! i can't believe how he's tamed that hair! he does look all good and ready to go. =]

Lauren said...

Yeah.. doesn't he look great? I should also let everyone know that my dad took this picture, not me. (alanhoneyphotography)

Mikel said...

I can't even believe how old he is! And he looks like 5 years older from the big hair pic! That's so exciting!