Thursday, December 13, 2007

A little break from routine

As many of you may have heard the Midwest has recently been hit by a big ol' ice storm! While Manhattan did not get it as bad as parts of Oklahoma, most of Manhattan lost power for a couple of days. In fact, my parents live in a neighborhood that still does not have power after losing it on Tuesday! The school that I work in is also in that neighborhood, and so I have had the last three days off. Kinda nice. For some reason the little neighborhood that Ross and I live in hasn't lost power once. It's kind of strange. We've been host to a few freezing souls-- which has been fun.

Well even though it's extremely inconvenient to many, it really is beautiful. We are enjoying a beautiful blue sky today with the sun shining brightly, and it makes all of the ice-laden trees just glow. It's incredible. I wish I had had my camera this morning when I took Ross to work. The sky was still pink and we passed by rows of trees that looked like they came from a winter wonderland! (Sorry for the cheesiness, but it was really cool!)

So I at least took a little walk around the corner and took a couple pictures from there.


Syl said...

Wow! That does look really cool! I am glad I don't have to drive in it! I loved the pictures of Sam at the airport and MTC. A bittersweet moment.

Leslie Barlow said...

That is incredible! I have been following this on the news and wondering how we would survive without power. You are one of the lucky ones I guess but so awesome of you to help the neighbors!

Lonna said...

Thanks for the pictures they are great. Isn't it interesting that something that is so potentially deadly can bring out such beauty. You know when we moved to TX I thought that everyone was just chicken to not drive after an ice storm, but then we too lived through one and they can be so scary. I am glad that you still have power.