Saturday, February 2, 2008

Belly update!

Well I think I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel! I'm due in exactly 4 weeks from today. We are sooo excited¡ Ross was so cute today and brought home a little outfit for him to be blessed in. I'm almost done putting the nursery together. Just one more project to go.

We just finished our birthing class. Wow they give you LOTS of information. I guess I'd rather know more than less, but some of the pictures they show you I'd just rather wait and deal with when they come. I've been having some "fake" contractions, and I get nervous every time I feel one. But nothing is ever consistent or long-lasting.

There's definitely less and less room in my stomach for the baby. He almost always has some body part poking out. It's really fun to watch. Ross and I can be entertained with that for a while. It's getting harder and harder to sleep at night- I think this is just preparing me for the lack of sleep to come! But I seriously can't wait until I can sleep on my stomach again!

My co-workers gave me a little surprise baby shower yesterday morning. I thought I had to get up early for a meeting, and grudgingly showed up to work, but then they brought out presents and breakfast! It was so nice of them.

Here are some pictures that Sam sent us too from the mission. It sounds like he's doing great! He's in a pretty small area though, and they've tracted it all out already. It makes me sad he won't be here for the baby, but I know he's where he's supposed to be.


Shanicherie said...

Lauren you look so freaking adorable! I can only hope to be as cute as you are when I'm 8 months pregnant!

Mikel said...

You are making the rest of us preggos look bad by being that dang cute!

Lonna said...

you are so darling. I sometimes really miss the belly. You make it look so good. I am with you on the missing sleeping on your stomach, I too really looked forward to sleeping on it again.

keep up the good work, and try to get some sleep it will all be over too soon.

Syl said...

You look beautiful! and I love the lighting in those pictures of you. It was really nice to see Sam. I appreciate you including those pictures! Enjoy your peace and will all be over soon

rik said...

you are too cute, lauren! good luck with the last few weeks!

and hey, was chuck receptive to the word?

Leslie Barlow said...

You pull off 8 months pregnant really well! I love the dress!! Good luck in the month to come. You and Ross will be fantastic parents.

Emily and Nikolas said...

Oh Lauren, you look adorable all pregnant! I'm so happy that you posted new pictures.

Lonna said...

I am guessing that since we have not heard anything that you have not had the baby yet, but I just wanted to see how you were doing. I know that you only have over a week left, and I am very excited for you. best of luck.