Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ode to Sam

Well he's been on a mission for a year. He reached his mark on December 5th. He's doing great! But I miss him. Here are some pictures to remind us all of how awesome he is. (Stolen from facebook.)

These two came from an album called
"Frisbee Golf, a Gentleman's game."

Halloween last year: Flight of the Conchords anyone?

I hope to get some mission pictures posted soon.


Lonna said...

Has it been a year already? Wow that is kind of crazy. I love that Halloween picture, he makes a fantastic robot.

On another note, the print that I have is actually two prints, you were correct, I have it in two separate places, it is a kind of Retro Christmas paper.

Syl said...

The 2nd year of Sam's mission will go really fast. I love your Christmas card on your blog! Really, really nice!

Shanicherie said...

I can't believe little Sam is on a mission at all, let alone been gone for a year! What happened to us being little?

Britany said...

man, i really miss him...