Monday, February 16, 2009

For the love!

It was kind of a bi-polar weekend.

Yay: Ross was able to come home again this weekend! So far he's come home every weekend. It's been way nice.

Grrr: But I guess now 'busy' season is now kicking in to high gear and he won't be able to come home again for a while.

Yay: Ross got up early with Ethan on Saturday, to let me sleep in a bit. He started making my favorite breakfast treat, coffee cake. Delish.

Grrr: We were out of eggs. (My fault, he doesn't live here during the week.) Couldn't finish breakfast.

Yay: Ross went to play basketball with the Elders Quorum. Ethan and I met friends there and watched. Ross was having a lot of fun! But it's been a while.

Grrr: Ross severely sprained (perhaps broke) his ankle while playing. I had gone home after an hour and a half of watching, so I woke Ethan up from his nap, and went to pick up poor Rossy.

Looking kind of sad and pathetic:

Yay: A sweet family friend who is a doctor gave up his Saturday morning and checked Ross out, took him to his office and got him a cast and some pain killers (don't worry we paid for it).

Grrr: Ross is not currently insured.

Yay: Had a pretty relaxing day. Not much we could do.

Grrr: Ethan was pretty grumpy because his nap schedule was out of whack.

Yay: Ross made me some super sweet Valentine's cards! He made them when he thought he wouldn't be able to come home for the weekend and mailed them. It made my week to look at those.
It's a pop-up!

Each heart has a reason he loves me.
I'm pulling one out each day he's gone. Barf?

Well it's been pretty dang lonely without him.

Grrr: So then we had this big dinner planned to make, and we got a very late start because of scheduling difficulties, and made dinner in a huge rush, turning the kitchen into a HUGE disaster area. All the while Ethan is screaming because he's tired and grumpy and we haven't given him much attention.

Yay: Ross hobbled around helping the whole time, refusing to sit and watch.

Grrr: Even though he probably should have.

Yay: It was DELICIOUS. I can't believe everything turned out the way it did.

(Chicken roll-ups with a cheesy cream sauce, and
roasted sweet potatoes with lime syrup from rookie-cookie)

Grrr: Except now we had this huge mess in the kitchen. We didn't have a sitter for Ethan (my parents usually watch him and they were celebrating their own v-day, I haven't ventured trying a new one yet) so Ethan added to the mess.

Yay: Ross AGAIN got right to work doing the dishes.

Grrr: Even though it probably didn't do his foot any good.

Yay: We put Ethan to bed and watched the video of our proposal. Aww.

Grrr: I ruined our (easy) lime chiffon pie by adding too much water so it never set up.

Yay: But I tried to fix it and it turned out decently the next day.

Grrr: We were too tired to do much else so we fell asleep on the couch.

Hope yours was a good one!


Britany said...

Oh Lauren! That is the cutest present I have ever seen! You are an incredibly lucky lady. lol. Sorry you couldn't find a sitter. My offer still stands for Dan and I to watch him. So, the next time Ross can come home, maybe Dan and I could watch Ethan for a couple hours. It's up to you. You could go on a real date or something. lol.

Syl said...

Really nice Valentines cards! I'm so sorry about Ross's ankle! Hope it heals quickly.

Britany said...

Hey! I still need your address!!

Lonna said...

Story of our lives, the ups and downs, and the injuries. However in our case they seem to be on the kids, and that just makes me feel so much worse.

I think that the cards were awesome, I don't think that it is a silly idea to read one each day. I am too impatient to spread something out like that though, so kudos to you. I am glad that your dinner turned out great, and the good ones always leave a mess, so what can you do about it? At least it was contained to the kitchen.

You are so funny, and I am glad that you have Ross, I think that you both work so well together. Isn't it nice to know that even though he is not home with you in the week that he is still thinking of you, too sweet. Maybe next week will be better.

Kate Hawkins said...

Ross is so romantic! I agree with Britany, you are a lucky lady! Ha! :)

Maybe I (And Eric if he can) can try to babysit Ethan for you if you want. If you could teach me how to do a few things, then I can babysit your little one without a problem!