Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fabulous awesome England trip

Boy have I lost my gusto for blogging. But I can't bring myself to delete it either, cause I'm sure I'll come up with something really awesome to blog about the moment I do.

I do have one excuse however- I've been in England with my mama for a week and a half. Boy that was an amazing trip. But boy I get really tired when I'm pregnant and walking most of the day. It was a little discouraging to not have the energy to immerse myself as fully into exploring like I wanted to. I'm at the beginning of my 7th month of pregnancy and my baby is taking up all my energy. But I was able to enjoy everything a lot still, and tried my best not to think of Ross and Ethan while I was gone... Yeah right like that was possible! Every little baby boy I saw was Ethan. Anyway. It was an awesome trip.

So because I didn't really have a lot of energy to spare, I didn't get a whole bunch of pictures (creative or otherwise) like I wanted. I brought my big camera. Which is so heavy! And my little baby point-and shoot doesn't really allow you to do much. So that was another small dilemma.

Day 1:

- Rented car at Heathrow airport and drove West towards Bath (scariest thing ever, but my mom only grazed the curb like 5 times. Those roads are so stinkin' narrow!)

- Wells

- Bath

- City centre
- Royal Crescent
- Royal Circus

Day 2:

- Roman Baths

- Longleat House

- Stourhead

- Bradford-on-Avon

Day 3:

- Stonehenge

- Petworth

- Hever Castle

To be continued... hopefully I'll get some of my mom's pictures to supplement here too. Sigh. Now it's back to reality with 100 degree weather and 1,000,000 percent humidity.


i like whispering too said...

oh this post was delightful. even a few photos of anything england and i start to miss it!

tim and i are leaving for a trip to italy in 2 DAYS! i'm really excited. i need me some art, architecture, and all-around beauty, and i've never seen italy, so i'm super excited.

Mikel said...

Looks like a beautiful trip. I know how you feel walking all over Europe pregnant though (I was almost 8 months pregnant when we went to Paris). It's rough!

Kathleen said...

hmmmm... looks pretty but I'm going to assume Houston is more exciting. oh boy....

Shanicherie said...

Looks like a great trip! And I know what you mean about the humidity...I haven't left the house in like 3 days because it's too freakin hot! I didn't know you got induced? Howcome? I can't believe that I'm having a baby in 4 days!