Friday, July 17, 2009

Two new chairs!

So this is probably NOT what we should be doing right now, but I'm so excited to have them! We found both chairs at different garage sales, and we are suckers for fun projects. The first little chair was in really bad shape, I wish I had a before picture! But I didn't think to take one. It was pretty scratched up, and the seat was made up of a few strings tacked to the wood. Ross sanded and re-painted the wood, and then he RE-WEAVED the entire seat! It looks so good! The chair also came with some really crappy little cushions that I made new covers for. I personally think it looks better without them, but with the cushions it's a little more comfy.

He likes having a seat for his ducky.

We called in a professional for the second one. So I guess I couldn't really call it OUR project, but Ross did all of the stripping; there were probably a few hundred nails and staples in it that needed to be removed. Susan from Upholstery Creations by Susan here in Manhattan did all of the hard work, but we got to watch her do it, and now Ross wants to do that for a living instead! Well, maybe someday. Oh, but remember? We are moving into a SMALLER apartment. I hope there will be room for it there. It doesn't exactly match our couches right now, but I picked out the fabric knowing that I'll always love that color and that someday we'll have a room where that will go perfectly. Plus it was on sale. Of course all of my very favorite fabric was like $30/yd. That's not happening.

The legs still need to be re-finished.
But we really are focusing on moving now. :)


Ben and Nicole said...

Awesome!! Really so impressed by Ross and his handy skills.

Kate Hawkins said...

Oh Lauren, could you teach me how to do stuff like that??? I've always wanted to do that!

rik said...

wow! those are some incredible finds but even more incredible handiwork! both chairs look awesome!

i guess that means we should post pictures of our chair renovation now... =]

Tannie said...

I love recovering chairs! I just did one and should show some pictures. Way to have vision on how something ugly can be so awesome!

Jessica Edwards said...

Wow! They look great! Good job!

Leslie said...

Ok how did you learn how to do these things? I seriously wish we were next door neighbors so I could come over with all my decorating mayhem!

Syl said...

Your chairs look fantastic! Great job! I am really impressed. Good luck with your move!

cat+tadd said...

I am so impressed! This sort of thing is my new hobby (that I abandon often because I'm lazy), but this is getting me motivated to finish my projects! I love that your husband reweaved the seat! It looks so amazing!

aleatha said...

hi, I'm a friend of Sam and your mom and dad (in their ward) and I occasionally read your blog (don't remember how I found it!)

Can you tell me how much it cost for Susan to reupholster that chair? I have two wingback armchairs that I would love to reupholster, but I'm afraid of how expensive it might be. but at least if I know, maybe I can save up?

or maybe I should do it myself. sigh. I have sewing know-how but I just think it would take forever and be really difficult.

what do you think? you can just comment here and I will have all future comments on this post emailed to me. or go to my blog,

-Aleatha Shannon