Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas: Graham Cracker Houses

It's a tradition in our family to make graham cracker houses every Christmas. Sam and my Dad compete for the most creative creation. This year we had Peter to add to the mix. It's funny to see how the personalities play out; my dad is very creative but has a short attention span (I have a short attention span minus the creativity), so he is usually the first to finish and go, then Sam is usually done next, then Will, and then Ross and my mom who are both meticulous and patient and finish off their details perfectly.

This was my workspace:

My dad's:

Can you tell what it is? A monster jumping out of the tinfoil!

And I'm lame and forgot to take pictures of everyone else's when they finished.


Natalie said...

I had to tell you that I love your children's names!

We went private a couple days ago and would love to add you guys! If you could email me your email address that would be great!

Lonna said...

Now that sounds like a fun tradition. I like how different even just your dad's and Sam's turned out. Clever very clever.

I am sure that whatever you had on your foil was reduced to crumb rubble as soon as you started building it, a toddler can do that to even the most amazing creations. Looks like a fun time.