Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh right- Thanksgiving

Leah was actually blessed after Thanksgiving, but we'll let that slide. Thanksgiving was spent at the Terry's this year and there was a lot of

Playing outside:

Playing in a box:

Playing with Leah:

And some attempts at group pictures:


Britany said...

ha! how cute are those pictures!? You have such a beautiful family!

Lonna said...

Well I think that you are way ahead of me, I think that I totally dropped the ball when it came to Thanksgiving, and now I am feeling lots more guilt for not having posted anything in a long time, I suppose that I will have to do something about that...

I like that you even attempted family group photos, pretty sure those are off limits when kids are around, well for us anyways. It looks like you had a full house for this holiday, how fun to have so many people there for Leah's blessing too.

Kathleen said...