Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Family (minus the babe) pictures

I really wanted to get a family picture one last time before Leah was born, and my dad happily obliged. He's so great! I had forgotten about these until I found the cd buried in my desk drawer. I love them so much! So here are a select few.


Brian and Alicia said...

Such a cute family! You are such a cute pregnant lady Lauren!!

Alan said...

Those are some of the finest images I have ever seen. Congrats to the photographer.


Alan Honey Photography, Inc.

Lonna said...

That little Ethan has such a fun personality, you can see him entertaining in each of the photos. You really do have such a darling family, and I suppose that you will just have to get your dad to squeeze in another little family session now that you are +2 little tykes.

The new family pics will be just as fun to see, but maybe a little trickier when each adult has a kid to hold.