Sunday, January 23, 2011

For Posterity!

Okay, so I'll just pretend like this embarrassing lapse in blogging didn't happen and carry on. :) I've got to go back and post still about Thanksgiving. Just so I have a record!

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun except that we took a bad stomach flu bug down with us. Not only were Ethan, Ross, and I throwing up all week, but we also passed it to my parents and brother. That wasn't very nice of us.

But we did get this funny family picture. My mom was nice enough to have Thanksgiving a day late, because we were feeling decent by then, and the second half of the crew didn't get sick until a day or two later. My favorite is Ethan's face.


Alan Honey Photography said...

Can't wait for your Halloween post!

Becky said...

Hey! We need to think up a time and place to meet and play! We are thinking of coming out there during part of spring break. March sometime I think.

Carrie said...

I agree, Ethan's face is awesome.