Friday, February 17, 2012


How 'bout I just post a slew of random pictures and call it good?  I'm so wishy washy.  I kind of want to be done blogging, but I'm not doing well documenting life any other way, so I don't want to give it up quite yet.  Anyway. January was rather miserable with sickness, even though we were blessed with gorgeous weather for so much of the month.  February is looking up.  

To start, Ross built these bunk beds in the kids' closet.  I still need to paint them.

And their room looked like this for a while:

But it's coming together nicely.  I am seriously going to post when it's all done.  
Hopefully within the next week I can find time to paint.

I found this idea on pinterest.  Talk about minimal effort with maximum results!  
They loved it.

And we got our first real snow last week! Woo!  
It's gone now, but they had fun while it lasted.

And Valentine's was lots of fun too.  I hosted our preschool party, and loved decking out the house and having an excuse for lots of friends over.


Tibfib said...

You can only stop blogging when you come to visit more.

Jenna said...

Loved the random post and can't wait to see how your kid's room looks when it is done!