Thursday, May 3, 2012

10 fun facts about Leah

1.  Ends up in our bed most nights.  Usually by 4:00am she's cuddled up to me.  Most of the time she's very quiet, and she is a very still sleeper, so I've decided to embrace and enjoy it.

2.   Has a very tender heart.  Is concerned about others when they are sad.  Brings them what she thinks will make them happy.  (A blankie, duh!)

3.  Calls Ross by his first name.  'Watcha doin' Woss?'  Or instead, 'Where's Daddy-Woss?'

4.  Language is excellent.  Uses the letter 't' in place of a lot of other sounds.  'Can I have a tookie?'  'Pease bess da 'tood''

5.  Is very imaginative in her play, and doesn't need much prodding to entertain herself.  Her baby is her favorite thing to play with.  Loves to be read to.  

6. Is very self-reliant and proactive.  That's why she spilled a half gallon of milk on our carpet. She was bringing it to me to pour her a cup.  (Argh.) 

7.  Is potty trained! Mostly.  I was feeling motivated one day and decided to go for it.  I think she was ready, but it would have been easier if I had waited longer. 

8.  Loves to be out and about.  Is fun to run errands with.

9. Is sassy but most of the time a joy to be around.  I feel truly lucky to have her.

10.  Has amazing bed-head.


The Cunninghams said...

That is some great hair!

Carrie said...

She is darling. Congratulations on potty training! Love that bed head!