Sunday, November 4, 2012

Kids at play

Well, I've gotten rather behind again.  I've been better at getting my camera out more often though.  Leah likes to get out my jar of buttons and run her hands through them.  And drop them off the bed.

Leah is dressed in one of her princess dresses 80% of the time.  Ethan also takes part every once in a while.  But he's more into super heros and ninjas and stuff.  Also, that's a newly stenciled wall in the background.  It is taking FOREVER!  I still haven't finished it completely.  But I like it.

I love hearing their crazy imaginations at work.  Ethan is really good at creating elaborate scenarios.   Often he sets everything up for a grand picnic-- and then they don't actually sit down to 'enjoy' the picnic.  I suppose getting everything ready is the fun part.

Although Ethan is super into boy stuff- he's become really loving and affectionate to babies.  He loves all of my friends babies and he enjoys taking care of Leah's baby doll too.  The other day he was in front of the house just quietly sitting and holding the little baby doll close.  So cute.

I have had the hardest time finding some fall color to use as a background low enough for my kids.  And now it's pretty much too late.  This tree was decent.  But Leah found a spider on one of the leaves and would have nothing to do with it after that.  


Carrie said...

Your kids look darling in the dress up pictures. And the stenciled wall looks great--I'm always so impressed by your creativity!

Tannie said...

I love the stencil, I want to know more!!!! Cute cute kids. :-)