Sunday, February 3, 2013


So another highlight of last year was I made my photography business official.  It has gone really well and I stayed pretty busy in the fall.  The problem is, I was feeling super nauseous during the entire fall, when I was using my camera the most, and now every time I look at my camera I feel sick and want nothing to do with it.  Oh man.  I hope I can get over it soon, because obviously that would be crappy if I didn't want to take pictures any more. So I hardly have any pictures from Thanksgiving or Christmas... but I think I have a few floating around that I can post. 

These are from our Annual Hilltop Excursion last year.  
We always have a good/very very windy/sunny time.  
And thanks to my dad who took a lot of these!


The Cunninghams said...

Very cute!

Becky and Jake said...


Carrie said...

These pictures are great! It's fun to see what you have been up to this fall/winter.