Sunday, May 5, 2013

Life update

We are home from church today-- kids have pink eye and ear infections.   Feels like for the millionth time.  But I think things are looking up.  Hopefully the weather doesn't get down to the 30s and 40s again- and Summer is getting close!  We are planning on living it up in May and June- to try and fit in as much of Summer as possible before baby comes.  Speaking of baby.  We are having a hard time naming her!  We have a few names narrowed down, but none seem to be perfect.  The kids favorites are Afecia (no idea where that came from), freckles, Zelda, Harry, and Zoe.  Zoe I could live with, but I still don't think that's the one.  The kids ask over and over when they will get to meet this baby.  I'm happy they are so excited.  

Ross is still busy with work, Elder's Quorum, and finishing the basement.  He's also been on an Ultimate Frisbee team for the last few weeks.  He's had a lot of fun, even though half of the games have had to be canceled or rescheduled due to rain.  This weather has seriously been so crazy.  The basement is coming along, Ross has about 1/4 of the drywall up.  Slowly but surely it's coming together. He's such a hard worker.  It's a lot of work to do by yourself.

I'm doing well too.  I'm just starting to get a bit uncomfortable, and I feel tired a lot, but other than that I feel good.  I have a huge long list of projects to get done soon.  They don't necessarily have to be done before baby is here, but it would sure be nice!  I want to pretty much completely re-do the kids room.. Ross is gonna be mad, but I want to paint their room white.  He's like, "the whole house is turning white!" But I just want it to be as fresh and light as possible, especially when natural light is limited.  And also because it's a nicer backdrop for pictures.  (Insert Ross rolling eyes here. :) ) Most of their toys and junk will be moved downstairs when the basement is finished, which will be sooo nice.  

I found a bunch of pictures that I have missed posting over the last few months.  We had so much snow this winter, that cookie making was the norm around here.  The kids love to make snickerdoodles, because they get to roll the balls in the sugar.  Leah also can not have a cookie without something to dip it in.  Milk is her preference of course, but the other day milk was not available, and she decided she'd rather have water than nothing to dip her cookie in.

Here's another one from Ethan's birthday.  Uncle Sam is the best.
Leah loves to stop every now and then and pound out some tunes on the piano.  She gets pretty into it, as you can see by the third photo down.

Ethan loves his action figures and his lego men.  He had a whole lego city built a few days ago, and I don't think I took a picture of it!  Darn it.  I did take a picture of his 'Jedi' meeting.  They were discussing death stars, he said.

And I've been trying to capture more 'childhood moments.'  No matter the light, the background, etc.  That being said, I'm still really excited to re-do their room!
Here they were going on an 'adventure.'  Ross made these binoculars for them and Ethan drew some 'clues' out on his magnet board, and they spent a couple of hours exploring and finding things (in the house, cause they're sick.) 


Carrie said...

I love those pictures of Leah playing the piano. It's fun seeing what you've been up to. We should get together as soon as it warms up. Get well soon!

The Cunninghams said...

Being sick is not fun! Feel better soon!

Elena Davis said...

I love the Star Wars fight scene. Your kids crack me up. BTW, I need to work on taking more "childhood moments" pictures instead of worrying about the perfect lighting, etc too. It's silly to not take a picture just because a room is messy or I have to use (gasp!) the flash.