Sunday, August 25, 2013

Catch Up

So, time to purge all of my phone photos.  These were taken waaay back in the springtime.  I think the dandelions were in FULL force this year.  I don't remember there ever being so many.  Our field across the street was full of them and I kept driving by and thinking, I've got to get the kids over there to take pictures!  Not sure why I didn't have my big camera.  Leah stole my phone half way through and thus resulted in several pictures of her cute feet.
The Overland Park Arboretum is one of our favorite places. It was a bit chilly and grey this day, but we still had a lot of fun exploring.  It's no longer free every day, but it's not very expensive either.
I just LOVE the fairy houses.  I would have died over them as a child.  My kids loved them and were really hoping we would see some fairies flying back to their homes.
Ethan has done this cute thing lately where he covers his mouth after he says something he thinks is particularly silly.  It's adorable.

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Elena Davis said...

Did you ever see the little fairy houses at Powell Gardens last year (I think)? They were pretty awesome. I love mini stuff like that.