Tuesday, October 21, 2014


These are in totally random order, because that's how I'm having them printed at Costco. :)

A pretty view outside my window in the Spring time.  I love Spring. 
 Probably even more than Fall. 
 A sunny picture near the trees in Shawnee Mission Park.
 We went with the Cunninghams down to Branson for a weekend.  We had a lot of fun throwing rocks into this lake at sunset, and overall just hanging out, exploring, playing games and relaxing together.

 A picture from Leah to me. :)  A collection of treasures from a nature walk.
 Only one swing available means we share!  The kids both learned how to ride their bikes with no training wheels this spring.  Benefits of having a track right across the street. :)
 A pose from Leah.  Trying to take a picture for Uncle Will's birthday.  Ethan is laughing so hard in this, I love it.

 Jovee's first time in a little playground.  She thought that was just the coolest.
 More rock throwing, and a happy baby.
 I was able to chaperone a field trip with Ethan.  The bus ride was really fun.  We were in the back and it was bumpy!  Also he looked really sweet gazing out the window.
Ethan drew a picture of Jesus helping someone on one side of this boiled egg, and a picture of the easter bunny on the other. :)

 At a fish hatchery on the way home from Branson.  An Easter Egg Hunt with the Wellmans and Cunninghams.  My kids were looking kind of scrappy compared to theirs. :)

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Mitzi said...

I love these photos! Wish we were in Branson right now.:)