Saturday, October 4, 2014

March iphone

Holy cow I am still so behind!  Word to the wise. If you take a lot of pictures, don't get behind!  

The last bottle feeding before I go to bed and 
the snuggles afterward are just the best.

 I watched cousin Henry while Sam and Kia (Skia) went to the temple.  
I hope they'll be best buds some day.
 I tried some hand-lettering for the first time.  I really really enjoyed it.  I've done one more since then, but I need to do it again, because it's very satisfying. 
 Birthday boy.  

 Ninja at Costco.
 'Sushi rolls' from Ethan's party
 The kids and I went to Wonderscope without Jovee and we made a giant fort out of these blocks among other things. We basically had the whole place to ourselves and we took our time.  
 Jovee left this puff on her nose for a significant amount of time.
 Leah made this 'boingy hat' at dance on St. Patrick's day so that people wouldn't pinch her.  Except moms.  But moms don't pinch anyway (so she says).
 These two love eachother.
Jovee is getting good at making messes.
 A walk that ended in total disaster when the kids could not agree on which way to go and melted down completely.  So we went home.  We should try that again before it gets cold.
 Selfie on the carousal at the zoo.  It started out freezing cold, 
but then warmed up as the sun came out.  I had my doubts that it was going to turn out happily, but it did.
 The penguin exhibit is the best.
 Jovee loves babies.
 We all went to the Salt Mine down in Hutchinson over Spring Break.  
The kids still talk about that trip.  
 Salt Mine workers
 They had to carry around a respirator in case of emergency and wear a hard hat the whole time.  Leah looked pretty cute.
 A picture on the train.
Using our go-cart at the cemetery.  
 Same night.  I love that he is willing to go and stand in a spot of sunshine for me. :)
 Ice cream for the last day of Spring Break.

 Encouraging Jovee to climb the stairs.  It was a family affair.


Elena Davis said...

Lauren! That hand lettering looks amazing. I am seriously impressed.

Lauren said...

Thanks friend!