Monday, November 10, 2014

September phone

So September 12th was a big day... the opening of IKEA!  A couple friends and I got there by 5:00am so that we could be in the running for a gift card.  There was a live band, and lots of jugglers and entertainers.  It was kind of rainy some of the time, but overall so fun.  
 We got in the doors with all the IKEA employees cheering us on as we went up in the doors and up the escalator, and we were handed our gift cards sealed in envelopes.  Well, womp womp.  I get a free hot dog!  But only if I buy one too!  Ha.  Ross shows up at 9:30 with the kids and gets a $10 gift card.  Figures.

 Leah's birthday started with the big reveal of our new trampoline!  Ross and I set it up the night before while the kids were in bed, and then we put wrapping paper over the window, and she tore it down for her surprise.  We called it a 'birthday surprise' instead of a 'birthday present' so that she wouldn't feel like it was just hers.  Ross' coworker recently bought a house, and they didn't want the trampoline that came with it, so we were very lucky to get it!  I've been wanting one for a while.  Ross hasn't.  But he couldn't say no to a free one.  

We then took the birthday girl to our favorite Donut place- Johnny Space Age Donuts. She got some chocolate milk to go with it, which is a luxury. :)  
 That evening we opened up some presents, (she got a lot of nail polish).  And celebrated with cousin Michelle and her daughter Paityn. 

 Leah requested coffee cake for her dinner.. so we made that her cake too.  Which, in retrospect, is kind of lame. 
 That weekend we watched our neices and nephew, and boy were we glad to have the trampoline!  They were on that thing all day long, both days.

 We had a really warm day on Saturday and enjoyed some popsicles.  We had planned on having Leah's party that day as well, but Leah and Jovee still had pretty bad colds (didn't stop Leah from playing with cousins).   I was planning on rescheduling, but it didn't work, and so now.. we will have to have a good party next year.
 Jovee likes to put random things on her head for fun.  
It makes life pretty entertaining.
 Going to IKEA with the kids to get balloons. 
They had the best balloon artists I've ever seen.
 Jovee insisted she help with the sweeping.

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