Thursday, December 4, 2014

October 2014

So these were technically in September, but we're going to stick them here anyway.  Ross has been pushing for his parents to put a fire pit in their backyard, and they did it!  We have already put it to good use.  Who doesn't love a s'more?

My father-in-law probably won't appreciate this being posted.  But I think it's great. :)
Picking up Ethan from school- Leah often 
brings baby 'Amickiah' along for the ride.  
Looks like a comfy piggy-back ride. :)
 Jovee loves babies.
 Leah and Jovee were just hanging out in the sleeping bag for 
about 20 minutes.  It was impressive.
 This was our view trying to watch conference.  
Maybe someday I will get something out of conference again. 
 These two..  the cutest.
 Leah wanted to tell me a scary story in the bathroom with a glow stick. 
 She is a pretty animated story teller.
 Jovee really loves her Daddy.  
 We watched one of Ross' cousin's daughter while they went to the temple.  She was super chill and easy going, and would let our kids play with her as much as they wanted.  They kind of wanted to trade babies after that.

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Mitzi said...

Fire pits are the best!