Thursday, December 4, 2014

October: Part 3

The week of Halloween Ross' sister Becky and her family came to stay, and so did Ross' parents.  Our nephew in Olathe was getting baptized, so everyone came to spend Halloween and the baptism together.  Earlier in the week I took pictures of Becky and her family, and I made my family come and take family pictures as well.  We ended up with about 10 of our family, and none of them were that great, but we chose the best and sent it out as our Christmas Card.  So stay tuned... maybe you'll get one. :)
 Rachelle and Kris and their family were Wizard of Oz themed, and everyone else was someone random.  It was a big group of kids showing up on doorsteps asking for candy!
 All the grandkids, except Jovee I think...

 It was a pretty chilly night, but Jovee would not let go of her two buckets of candy!  She had a death grip on both of them.
Army guy and Vanellope Von Schweetz.
The three baby cousins hanging out together.  They are all within a couple of months.

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I love that last picture!