Monday, January 12, 2015

New Years Eve

We had a fun family New Years Eve.  We made some party hats, played a lot of games, had a little dance party, drank some sparkling apple cider (from goblets), and then had a silly string fight at the stroke of midnight (10:00pm).  We were willing to let the kids stay up longer, and Ethan did.  But Leah asked to be tucked in around 10:15.  Which was sort of shocking to me.  I've never heard her ask to go to bed!  I got hit by a stomach bug right around 10:00, so I was out for the count for the rest of the night.   New Years Day was pretty lame too, but luckily Ross was home and had no problem taking over for the day.
Ethan was feeling feisty one day and he and his cousin made a bunch of signs for his room.  My favorites are, 'Dad this is cind of my place' and 'And don't bother me when I'm naced.'  Haha. He's a funny kid.

 The last day of vacation we decided to have an 'Epic Fun Day'.  We each took turns choosing something fun to do all day long.  Ethan chose playing legos, Leah chose painting a giant mural, I chose a sock fight, then we went to the Matt Ross play place, then the kids played Mario Kart by themselves for a while and giggled the whole time, and then finished off by playing a game.  I would say it was pretty Epic. :)

After preschool the other day.  The cute kids 
who are participating in the preschool co-op.
 Jovee gets the most excited and happy right at bedtime.  She's also struggling to nap every once in a while.  I really don't want her to be done napping any time soon!  At least not until the summertime.  She was being so cute the other day in bed with me the other night.
Playing with dad's phone and putting pens away.

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