Thursday, May 24, 2007

A beautiful day

Last weekend our good friends Kathleen and Phil were married. Minus the wind, it was a practically perfect day. It started in Omaha, NE, where an LDS temple is located. Oh funny story- Ross was one of the groomsmen, but he didn't stay with the other boys the night before the wedding, so they had to bring him his tux at the temple. So instead of putting pants into the tux bag to give to him, they put a black skirt in instead. They were all hoping he'd put the skirt on, but instead he just came out of the temple really confused and a little panicked. When he came out Phil and the others had a good laugh at Ross' expense.

Many pictures were taken before and after the ceremony, and then we made the drive back to Manhattan. When we got back we had an hour to kill- I'm not sure what Phil and Kathleen did during that time... The ring exchange started at 7:00, and it was beautiful. The building was so cool- hardwood floors, musky green walls, and windows lining it. The music was gorgeous, and their vows were sweet. It was kind of weird to see Phil be sentimental. But it was cute. After the ceremony the wedding party went to City Park and took pictures in front of the fountain. They were by far my favorite pictures. I'm pretty sure I imposed on the other photographers throughout the entire day, but I was really excited to take these. Sorry to the other photogs.

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