Thursday, May 10, 2007

my little sunbeams

These are two of my adorable sunbeams. I can't get enough of them! Rachel and Hannah here are best friends (see hands). I have been their primary teacher since the beginning of the year now. But Rachel (left) forgets my name every sunday. Every sunday she asks if I'm her teacher, and then asks me my name. So this last Sunday I wanted to test her. The conversation went as follows.

Rachel: "Hey, whats your name?" Said in a little tine voice with the inability to pronounce r's.

Me: "Rachel, you know my name. But if you can't remember, why don't you ask Hannah there if she knows."

Rachel: Tap on Hannah's shoulder.. "Hannah, what's Sister Terry's name?"

Me to myself: Hmm..

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rik said...


those two are too cute!