Friday, November 14, 2008

Fall, I miss you

Ethan has the most beautiful tree outside his window.

It makes him very happy.

But sometime last week, overnight, all the leaves fell off. I'm glad fall lasted a little bit longer this year for us, but it's never long enough.

We had a rough night last night. It's been a while since he has cried without being consoled. I think his stomach was hurting badly. I wish so much I could just take the pain away. Cause just look at that little face!


Mikel said...

He really is an absolute doll!

Brandon Fox said...

I am still waiting for fall to come out here

Katie Curtis said...

his getting so big! He's absolutly adorable! How have you and Ross been? Are ya'll back in manhattan? how is the branch? Hope all is well!

rik said...

amen! it was night and day for day, fall was glorious. the next day, after one frosty, breezy night, everything was bare and ugly.


on the plus side, you still have gorgeous window light to shoot that little cutie in!

Lonna said...

He has such a darling little face. Such bright eyes, and I love those little cheeks, and chin. I am glad that you get such great pictures of him, I wish that my kids would hold still for pictures for often.

I am happy to hear that you were able to have a little taste of Autumn. I think you are so right, it always goes by too fast. But I am glad that we get to see it even it if it just for a little while, it is my favorite season.

Syl said...

He has such a darling little face! I love his Halloween outfit...are you a demonic chicken? Very creative Ross to be a fridge!