Friday, December 19, 2008

Done, done, and done.

Christmas cards sent.

yay for after-Christmas Target sales!

Cookies delivered.

And most gifts bought and paid for (Ross is always the exception).

Only 6 more days 'til Christmas!

And looking forward to our DATE night tonight. It's been sooo long. We're going to Harry's Downtown (a big deal here in Manhattan) and seeing Quantum of Solace. While my parent's watch Ethan.

Our friends gave us a gift certificate to Harry's as a thankyou for the pictures I took of them. Funny thing is, I asked them if I could use them to practice on. They were doing me a favor. And they gave ME a gift certificate? So nice! I felt kind of guilty after they gave it to me.

Good lookin' couple, eh? Edited: No, they are not engaged, just a cute couple.

p.s. I saw this wall on one of Nicole's photos, and I had to find it.
Cause I think it's sweet.


Whitney said...

So, are they engaged? The picture is beautiful! I love it! I wish we were in town so you could take some of me and my Drew.

rik said...

those cards look cool, lauren! nice find =]

but hey, where are the pictures of the presents! =\

and yeah, i think they got it seriously rocked that shot. will you be posting any others?

and from one photographer to another...where's her wall?

The Olsen's said...

Very cool photo and Christmas cards I might add! Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!! :)

Lauren said...

rik- the wall is in Aggieville. And directly across from it is a dark green wall that's pretty awesome too.

I don't think I'll be posting any more of those...she hasn't given me permission yet.

Britany said...

LOVE! Hey, so I was meaning to talk to you actually. I would love for you to take our engagement pictures. I know we talked about doing some mock ones for practice, but we can make this the real deal. What do you think? Discount maybe for being awesome? lol.