Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas: Installment 1

I think he's over getting his picture taken.

"Ethan, look at mommy!"



Switch to a warmer hat, then back to "Ethan!!"

"Silly boy, look at mommy!"

Hmm.. we're closer.

Let's see if his cousin Matthew can help. "Matthew! Ethan!"


At least Matthew looks cute.

Huh. Now we're losing both of them.

Okay, I'll take it.


Lonna said...

So cute. I love that little hoodie, and hat that he is wearing. This is the struggle that I have anytime I bust out the camera, both the kids look anywhere and everywhere else that they can, just so that they won't look at me. Oh it is a tricky game to beat that system.

I can't believe how big he is getting. I just love his cheeks so much. He is such a doll.

Kate Hawkins said...

Hahaha, how cute! :)

Nikolas, Emily, & Co. said...

Hilarious! We have a 20 month old who HATES (with a passion) having his photo taken. We completely blame that on his mother (me) because I took about 1500 photos/month in his first year... oops!

Syl said...

I sure is difficult to get kids to look at the camera let alone smile! They pictures are darling anyway.